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Sales & Leasing

Representing landlords/ tenants in locating and negotiating contracts for sales/ lease.

Property Management

Accounting, build-out supervision, tenant retention, promotions and more.

Property Marketing

Deep understanding about property to develop suitable and effective marketing programs.

Market Appraisal

Estimating property in different approaches to achieve the most precise value.

Project Financing Services

Specializing in originating and/or consulting financial arrangement

Legal and Permit

Providing professional guidance about property within legal field.

Sales & Leasing

NSO - Vietnam Property Hub Sales and Leasing team is one of the most professional in Vietnam. We respect the trust that real estate property owners place in us and take our brokerage responsibilities very seriously.

Whether you are interested in any kinds of properties (Industrial property, Logistics property, Commercial property, Residental mix & Development, Hospitality property, Medical and Education property, Agriculture project, Infrastructure & Energy project), we can help you by answering all of your questions. We are here to assist and guide you through any real estate requirements you may have. 

We know that customers come to us to sell or lease their properties professionally, quickly and with the greatest amount of certainty. We will work on a sales or leasing strategy to achieve the maximum return on investment. We will provide you with competing for property and marketing trends and focus on capturing the right potential prospects.

We do this by:

- Identifying key strengths and opportunities of your property

- Creating a market-specific approach to advertising

- Reaching out to our networks to find quality prospects

Property Management

Our Property Management team will absolutely provide the best service for both clients and customers. We do this by building strong relationships, utilizing the latest technology, and implementing effective marketing strategies, all with professional throughout every facet of our business. We strive to stay on top of market changes and industry trends and adapt accordingly.

Our Property management services include the basics of building maintenance, providing and managing service providers (cleaning, security, IT) as well as collecting rent payments and providing accounting services.

We will also provide contract management and lease administration as well as sales and marketing support for your building. Our approach to property management is:
- Initial review of property including a review of all leases, service agreements, engineering reports, and budgets;
- Creation of an assessment report offering our initial findings, conclusions, and recommendations;
- Monthly accounting and reporting as well as quarterly reports that offer a more detailed report of leasing activities, capital expenditures/ repairs, and building performances.

Property Marketing

NSO - Vietnam Property Hub not only offer a tactical and detailed marketing campaign but we also develop a comprehensive marketing program to provide our clients with the highest quality and in a professional way for their properties. 
With a young, dynamic and eager-to-learn marketing team, we will absolutely find out the insight as well as well as understand the deep demand of customers, thereby providing the suitable campaign for different products, projects as well as market segmentation. Beginning with familiarizing the property's unique features, we can process the marketing strategy ranging from brand creation and development to strategic and tactical marketing campaigns.
We believe that NSO - Vietnam Property Hub one of the top choices among many agencies to gain clients' truth and fulfill the expectations at any times.

Market Appraisal

The appraisal all starts with the inspection. We are here to inspect the property being appraised to ascertain the true status of that property. Our team must actually see features, such as the number of room, the location, and so on, to ensure that they really exist and are in the condition a reasonable buyer would expect them to be. Most importantly, we would like to look for any obvious features - or defects - that would affect the value of the house.

Once the site has been inspected, we will estimate your property professionally and precisely use three approached ways: Cost approach, Sales comparison approach, and Income approach.

- Cost approach: based on the understanding that market participants relate value to cost. We derived property's value by adding the estimated value of the land to the current cost of constructing a reproduction or replacement for the improvements and then subtracting the amount of depreciation in the structures from all causes. This approach is particularly useful in valuing new or nearly new improvements and properties that are not frequently exchanged in the market.

- Sales comparison approach: most useful when similar properties have recently been sold or are currently for sale in the subject property’s market. We develop a value indication by comparing the subject property with similar properties, called comparable sales. The sale prices of the properties that are judged to be most comparable tend to indicate a range in which the value indication for the subject property will fall.

- Income approach: value is measured as the present value of the future benefits of property ownership. There are two methods of income capitalization: Direct capitalization and Yield capitalization.  In Direct capitalization, the relationship between one year’s income and value is reflected in either a capitalization rate or an income multiplier. In yield capitalization, the relationship between several years’ stabilized income and a reversionary value at the end of a designated period is reflected in a yield rate. 

Project Financing Services

Finance is one of among important fields customers have to put into consideration. Whatever your circumstances, we advice in a professional way practically how to find the most appropriate finance arrangement to purchase your property. Whether you are a first-time buyer, a mover or someone who is looking to remortgage your current property, we shall provide access to market-leading financial advice.

With a team of leader, consultant having a strong background in finance, we know that we will absolutely satisfy customers with the professional manner, useful information, and reasonable advices according to specific conditions provided.

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